Final DECISION Regarding the Cosmetics Fair Planed for October 2021

Dear visitors,

We have conducted survey related to visiting the Fair in a situation where the number of Covid-19 patients is significantly increasing day by day in Serbia.

65% of Exhibitors stated that the Fair needs to be POSTPONED for clear reasons – mainly due to concerns about the health of its employees and visitors, additional insurance and costs, but also the number of visitors at the fair is questioned. The number of visits due to possible problems related to travel, vaccines, tests, as well as the fear of quarantine upon arrival or return to the country.

35% of the Exhibitors voted YES, while respecting all epidemiological measures that are necessary for indoor events.

On the other hand, 75% of the surveyed Visitors voted YES, that is, that the Fair be held with respect to all epidemiological measures.

25% of Visitors said that the Fair should be posponed to another date, when the situation of Covid-19 patients officially starts to fall.

Since the quality of the Fair offer and the number of Exhibitors is s necessity for a successful Fair, the least we want is for our visitors is to be disappointed with the offer, while on the other hand – we do not want to expose our Exhibitors to additional costs since the number of visitors is very uncertain.


During October and November 2021, events will be held at the Belgrade Fair, so together with visitors and exhibitors, we have made an official decision to POSTPONE the Fair for autumn this year

We will announce the date at least five weeks in advance, with the official list of Exhibitors, as well as the schedules of all congress lectures, competitions and additional Fair activities.

If the situation significantly worsens, we will be forced to move the Fair to a regular spring term in April 2022.


The Touch of Paris cosmetics fair clearly and loudly distances itself from speculations and insinuations that such decisions have anything to do with vaccines, confirmations and the introduction of any cards.

We ask for the understanding of all people for businesses and companies that are in the industry in which the Cosmetics Fair is located and which are definitely the biggest financial blow in this period of our lives – due to legal restrictions that are often illogical for everyone, due to different convictions when making any decisions that actually have little to do with us, which is due to a sense of responsibility and guilt if there is a major contagion at the event itself.

If we do not respect the rules, we will not be able to organize the Fair.

Due to the large number of people who have expressed a desire to visit the Fair this year, we have made an effort to provide you with Fair benefits without holding it, IN THE FOLLOWING WAY:

  • If you want to buy products at low fair prices, please check digital form “Quick order” and order fair products online.
  • Also, you have the opportunity to visit the Digital Cosmetics Fair, which in this period is completely modernized and adapted to users, buy products and current master classes, watch free congresses, read the latest news from the world of cosmetics, beauty and care.
  • If you are a Beauty professional or salon owner, you have the opportunity to download the “FIND SALON” platform, which is designed to help you further improve your business and increase profits.

All these benefits are provided FREE OF CHARGE to everyone who has already registered at the previous digital Cosmetics Fair and to everyone who has given answers to the survey.

If you have not received a response from us or you need more information, we are at your disposal by e-mail [email protected] or by phone at 011 / 3284-149.

Thanks again for your understanding and patience, and see you at the first opportunity.

Your Cosmetics Fair “Touch of Paris”