Fair rules

Carrying the equipment into the hall

Carrying the equipment and goods into the Hall 2 at the 36th international fair and congress will be possible on Friday on October 8, 2021 from 5 pm to 11 pm. During that period of time exhibitors must be present at their benches and they must leave the hall with the security.

Parking passes

You can take your free parking passes in Eco Design Studio Group (Dunavski kej 23/11) from 18th September until 1st October or on 2nd October from 3pm in Hall 2(hall inspector).

Transporting and handling of the equipment

You can make arrangements concerning transportation and carrying the equipment into the hall with forwarding companies situated at the Fair.

Phone numbers:

MILSPED: 381 11 2655 700; 2655 709;
INTEREUROPA: 381 11 2655 271; 2655 452;
FAIR COM: 381 11 2655 924; 2655 491, 063/269-958

Exhibitors passes (ID bracelets)

The exhibitors can take their fair bracelets on 3rd October 2021 at the exhibitors entrance of Hall 2 at 9 am. Number of ID bracelets depends on bench size:

• 6 m2 – 3 ID bracelets
• 7 m2 – 10 m² – 4 ID bracelets
• 11 m2 – 15 m² – 5 ID bracelets
• 16 m2 – 20 m² – 6 ID bracelets
• 21 m2 – 30 m² – 7 ID bracelets
• 31 m2 – 50 m² – 10 ID bracelets
• 51 m2 – 100 m² – 15 ID bracelets
• 101 m2 – 200 m² – 20 ID bracelets
• Over 200 m² – 25 ID bracelets

If you need more bracelets than you can get you can buy them by 2,5 euro. Please, let us know if you need more bracelets.

We need list of people that will work at your bench by 20th September.

If You want to buy tickets for your guests You can book them in Eco Design Studio group and pay (3 € per ticket) on our account. Names of Your guests send on e-mail or fax them to Eco Design Studio Group. They can pick tickets at Info-desk.

Fair working hours

Fair is opened from 10 am – 8 pm for visitors on October, 9-10 2021.

The exhibitors must be at their benches at 9 am on October, 9-10, 2021 and leave them at 8:30 pm on October 9-10, 2021.

Please be punctual for the safety of your exhibits.

You can carry out your equipment from the hall on 9th October after 8:30 pm or on 10th October from 8 am to 5 pm but someone must be present in the hall at 8 am because the security guards will leave hall at that time.


You must deliver the sketch of Your bench with the positions of standard and additional elements until 3rd September 2021. After that date all additional elements will be charged without any discount and all additional changes (like rearranging already set elements) will be invoiced 25% price from the additional element’s price list.

We kindly ask You not to damage the rented equipment. The official constructor company Beoexpo will charge any kind of damage according to their price list which You can check on www.beoexpo.com.

A floor on the multi-floored bench will be charged per sqm according to the price list.


If you want to broadcast music during the Fair you have to provide the license and to pay the fee to the SOKOJ (www.sokoj.rs). Please, contact them on +381 11 40 33 115, +381 11 40 33 121.