Digital and Virtual Cosmetics Fair and Video Congress

Announcement of the Digital and Virtual Cosmetics Fair and Video Congress

The Touch of Paris Worldwide – Digital and Virtual Cosmetics Fair and Video Congress

Belgrade, September 8, 2020 – The Touch of Paris invites you to the 35th edition of the International Congress and fair of cosmetics, hair care, aesthetics, and health which will be organized from November 21 – 30, 2020 in changed format - digital and virtual, and represents a completely new experience that offers innovative ways for beauty professionals and representatives to quickly connect with clients, customers, partners from all over the world.

We are fully aware of the fact how fairs, exchange of informations, and connections are important segments in our industry, so we had to adapt to new life circumstances because we do not want to stop the industry that needs constant movement.


Guided by the philosophy that major crises lead to big changes and innovations, and taking benefits of the latest technology, we have designed a platform that will reconnect the entire #beauty community and with the help of various programs, digital catalogs, online stores, virtual booths, webinars and interviews, exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their company and products in the best way, and easily get in touch with visitors and partners from Serbia, the Southeast Europe region and the whole world.

What is The Touch of Paris – Digital and Virtual Cosmetics Fair and Video Congress?

The Touch of Paris is a well-organized website, through which the visitor can easily navigate with simple and quick search finds everything that he needs in one place. The site is supported by good chat and video communication platforms, as well as the ability to receive a large number of visitors at the same time, modernly designed following the psychology of the target group of followers.

It is intended for beauticians, representatives of wellness centers, pharmacies, beauty and hairdressing salons, healthy food stores, distributors, experts, representatives of beauty schools and associations, educators, world and local retail chains representatives.


We managed to invite distributors from Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Uganda, and China, as well as other countries on whose market it is possible to place products from Serbia. Direct communication with international distributors is intended only for exhibitors at the fair.


The Touch of Paris – Digital and Virtual Cosmetics Fair and Video Congress is conceived in 3 different modules, which allows visitors, clients, exhibitors, and educators to present themselves in the best possible way that best suits the type of their profession, company, or interest.


Required for all exhibitors and participants, who within one digital module have the opportunity to present more than 150 products, but also become part of specially created platforms for connecting with foreign and local clients. Exhibitors who want to present and sell more products can buy more modules.


Intended primarily for beauty educators, experts, and salons who, in addition to participating in DIGITAL FAIR module, want to hold an education, master class or webinar or hairdressing presentation in the form of a video or on a pre-prepared virtual stage and thus further promote their work, highlight skills, and knowledge. This segment is also intended for visitors who want to learn new methods and keep up to date with the latest trends in the world of care and beauty.


Virtual Fair module is unique premium marketing platform that offers the opportunity for exhibitors to present their products and company using contemporary ways of visual presentation. The virtual fair consists of a carefully created virtual room that a visitor or potential client enters through a computer or telephone, and can see it and observe it in 3 dimensions.

You can check out an example of virtual rooms from the following link HERE.

IF YOU ARE AN EXHIBITOR read more about the benefits for exhibitors, the exhibition price list and the communication platforms HERE.

Check out the promotional VIDEO FOR EXHIBITORS

IF YOU ARE A VISITOR read more about the benefits for visitors, ticket prices and communication platforms HERE.

For more information about each module, benefits, protocols and price – contact us via e-mail: [email protected], or by phone number +381 11 / 3284-149, +381 11 / 3294-126, 11 / 3284-217.

Important note*

Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation caused by the COVID 19 virus, the next fair in Hall 2 of the Belgrade Fair is planned for April 2021.