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Eco Design Studio group d.o.o.Eco Design studio group was founded in 1995. as a marketing agency. Only few months later it had numerous clients whom it provided ATL advertising services. Shortly afterwards it started to provide BTL advertising services also.

The turning point was in 2003. when Eco Design started TV production. First, the TV show about beauty Kozmo cosmetics was broadcasted and in 2005. TV show about the interior design called Casa Oasa. In 2002. Eco Design organized the cosmetics fair on the behalf of the Beauticians Association, which was very successful.

In 2006. Eco Design started to organize independently the cosmetic fair called The Touch of Paris which became one of the largest fairs in Europe along with Bologna’s Cosmoprof and Moscow’s Intercharm. Next big step was the creation of the largest beauty portal in the Balkan www.saloninfo.rs in 2008. and Eco Design became a pioneer in the on-line cosmetics trade in this region.

Today Eco Design has 10 employees with degrees in political sciences, economics, management and graphic design.


Eco Design works in several spheres:

– The cosmetic fair The Touch of Paris. It is an international fair and it is held twice a year. According to the number of exhibitors and visitors it is the one of the three largest fairs in Europe.

– TV show about beauty and health called Kozmo cosmetics. It has been broadcasting since 2003.

– The magazine Kozmo cosmetics and kozmo hair. The magazine has being published since 2005. twice a year and has being sent to 27.000 addresses in Serbia free of charge.

– Beauty portal www.saloninfo.rs. The portal started to work in 2008. and it is already a virtual gathering place for all people interested in beauty industry. Today it is one of the very few portals in Serbia where you can shop cosmetics products on-line.


Eco Design pays a great deal of attention to its clients. It constantly improves its relations with current clients and search for other perspective ones.

Here is a list of Eco Design partners:

Download the list of Eco Design clients in PDF format

Eco Design also has excellent long term relations with business partners from different business spheres:

– Newspapers and publishing agencies: Politika, Vecernje novosti, Adria Media Serbia, Europa press, Halo oglasi, Ringier group, Color press group and others.

– Financial institutions – Banka Intesa, National Bank of Greece.

– TV and radio stations – TV Pink, TV Studio B, TV B92 INFO, TV Kopernikus, Radio B92, Radio Naxi, Radio Novosti, Radio Index, Radio S, etc.


ECO Design plans to spread its business to the countries in this region and in South-East Europe and to increase the number of employees.

The aim is to make the fair The Touch of Paris number one in quality as well as in number of exhibitors and visitors, to make portal www.saloninfo.rs in a top five sites for on-line trade in Serbia, to publish the magazine Kozmo cosmetics and kozmo hair four times a year with special editions like catalogs for selling cosmetics and hair products and equipment and to make the rating of the TV show Kozmo cosmetics which is already high even higher.


As socially responsible company Eco Design has been participating in many charity activities. In 2006. the profit from the tickets in the cosmetics fair was donated to the Children’s University Hospital in Belgrade and to the Children’s ward for plastic and reconstructive surgery in Clinical Centre of Serbia also in Belgrade.

In 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 free space was provided for the exhibition of products made in creative centre in The Home of disabled persons. In April 2013 there was a charity campaign and the funds raised in this campaign were donated to the Institute for Mother and child in Belgrade.


Name: Eco Design studio group
Address: Dunavski kej 23/11, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


+381 11 3284 149;
+381 11 3284 126;
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E-mail: sajam@saloninfo.org
Type: sole ownership
Founder and general manager: Kosta Maksimovic

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